From Dustin Christensen:

In 2007 I called Brad to bring me a screening bucket to screen out some rock and dirt on a large landscape project. Brad told me he would but thought it might be a good place to try out his portable screen he had started marketing. When he got to the site I really wasn't interested in the screen because I had my mind set to get this project done and was planning to use the screening bucket for the bobcat.

Then we set up the screen and started screening. Wow, we got more done with the screen in one hour then I had estimated getting done the whole day with the bucket. I told him "I'll take it", and we kept on working. The way it ended up is instead of doing just the smaller amount of sorting we planned, we screened all the soil on the entire site. The advantage was that instead of hauling off all the rough soil, we use it on site for all the topsoil and rockeries. This also saved us purchasing new soil and rock and all the hauling. By doing this we paid for the screen on that job, we were able to sell some of the excess materials from the job, we saved the customer money and put a lot more money into our pockets.

We continued to use the screen on many of our larger projects. We would attempt to use it on smaller projects but found that it was sometimes more work to get it to the job and set up then just hauling off and hauling in.

Then one day Brad gave me a call again and said he had created a smaller battery operated screen that might work better for my smaller projects. So we gave it a try. It worked perfect for the smaller projects and in conjunction with the larger screen it worked perfect for the larger projects as well.

On the smaller projects we could dump anything over the 12V without it getting hung up or damaging it. The size of the 12V really makes a huge difference. We can haul it on the truck or trailer width ways and still have plenty of room for the bobcats. We can move it around a site with out the awkwardness because of its smaller size.

Its also very quiet and that keeps the neighbors happy. With the smaller size and since there is no hopper to get hung up on we find ourselves using it much more then the larger gas powered. However on our larger projects we find that we use the 12V much like a first run grizzly and the larger gas powered as a second run, fine screen. I love the 12V, it fits all of our diverse needs and it makes the gas powered model really shine when used together.

Dustin Christensen
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