Busby recommends OMH ProScreen Screeners
Busby recommends OMH ProScreen Screeners

Donald Busby of Busby Apiaries, in Angie Louisiana, purchased an OMH Pro Screen USA PVG 12v Green Giant vibratory soil screener in January of 2010. A beekeeper for many years, Mr.Busby has recently started a earthworm farm and needed proper soil for his earthworms. He also has a considerable amount of land in need of screening, to remove rocks wood chips and other debris from his soils.

After using his new PVG 12v Green Giant he contacted us to tell us of his experience with the screener.


"I am greatly pleased with this piece of equipment. After a considerable amount of research on the internet, I found the design of the PVG 12v to be the best screener for my purposes.

Donald Busby, Busby Apiaries, and his OMH ProScreen USA soil screener, dirt sifter PVG-12VI really like the way the unit works and how easy it is to move around with my track loader and skid loader. It took my sons 30 minutes to sift the same amount of dirt, that would normally have taken two days to screen by hand. It has already well surpassed my expectations. I can see using this soil screener far more than I thought I would.

The best part is the quality of the equipment for the price. I encourage anyone looking for a dirt screener to contact me, because I highly recommend the screener I bought from OMH Pro Screen USA."

Donald Busby
Busby Apiaries
Angie, Louisiana