Busby recommends OMH ProScreen Screeners
Busby recommends OMH ProScreen Screeners

Donald Busby of Busby Apiaries, in Angie Louisiana, purchased an OMH Pro Screen USA PVG 12v Green Giant vibratory soil screener in January of 2010. A beekeeper for many years, Mr.Busby has recently started a earthworm farm and needed proper soil for his earthworms. He also has a considerable amount of land in need of screening, to remove rocks wood chips and other debris from his soils.

From Dustin Christensen:

In 2007 I called Brad to bring me a screening bucket to screen out some rock and dirt on a large landscape project. Brad told me he would but thought it might be a good place to try out his portable screen he had started marketing. When he got to the site I really wasn't interested in the screen because I had my mind set to get this project done and was planning to use the screening bucket for the bobcat.

Hi Darren,

The soil screener arrived yesterday. Because of another project I only got to try it out briefly. Works like a charm, especially here with our material. I am impressed by how well built the thing is. I have a Cat 226B skid steer, not the smallest, but close.

From Terry Dugas

“I called Darren to tell him that the PVG-12V topsoil screener I purchased from IDM inc USA is an amazing piece of equipment. I had my doubts but the PVG-12V has far exceeded my expectations. I thought I might be able to screen about 50% of the ground material Darren said it would do; instead it does 150% more.IDM really undersells the PVG 12V . I make utilities bedding, then rock, then loam on the surface. Since using this screener I do not have to buy out any material.