Question about screening wet material

I have a property that has pit run gravel and also a sand filled dirt and loam that is pretty wet and need to screen the gravel out of it.

It is actually dug out of a creek bed so starts very wet - they let it stand for a while and then screen it so it is not dripping wet.   Needs info on screen type/size  and how to best screen this material - vibratory ?  feed deflector? Etc….


The one thing going in your favor for screening is the fact that it seems to be a sandy loam.  Ask yourself the question as to how large of a stone that that you can accept in your soil.

When choosing a mesh size take note that the size of your finished product will always less than the opening in your screen mesh. 

Screening Wet Material

Screening Wet Material

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A gravel screener is used in the landscaping industry for the purpose of separating sand and aggregates from gravel and also to water gravel during the separating cycle. Gravel screeners also help to prepare gravel for applications on driveways and roads