Dirt Screeners, Dirt Screening Equipment

Dirt screening equipment separates soils, rocks, gravel, compost, wood chips, garden debris and other materials.

Built for use in landscaping, construction and excavation, OMH ProScreen dirt screeners are portable, compact and affordable.

Designed for use with skidsteers, backhoes, bucket tractors and wheel loaders with 2.5yd buckets (up to 3yd buckets depending on model), OMH ProScreen dirt screeners fit every job, big or small.

This video is our popular SLG-78 model.

Dirt screener SLG-108 model by OMH ProScreen screening soils, rock, dirt, gravel and more.

The SLG-108 dirt screener in action - the vibratory action separates soils, rocks, dirt, sand, gravel at a construction site for recycling and reusing. Our portable screeners go everywhere, fit in tight conditions and can easily be moved around on the job site.

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