Topsoil Screeners and Horse Racing Tracks and Arenas

When race horse Barbaro, the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, shattered his leg running the Preakness, serious questions were raised about the safety of the nation’s horse tracks. Traditional dirt tracks have problems including

rocks and holes on the track that pose a danger to highly-valued, pure-bred race horses.

Barbaro's home turf, Fair Hill, recently replaced one of its dirt tracks with a softer synthetic surface called Tapeta, becoming one of growing number of courses to make the switch. "When horse safety became so front and center, we decided it was time to do it," said Fair Hill General Manager Sally Goswell of the $1.8 million upgrade.

Unfortunately, the hefty price tag for converting to a synthetic surface is beyond the means for the thousands of owners of race tracks, show horse arenas, rodeos and horse training grounds across the country.

OMH ProScreen USA has a solution. Manufactured by OMH Innovations USA, the PVG (Portable Vibratory Grizzly) series of topsoil screeners can separate out the rocks, gravel and other foreign material from the track soil. Because the topsoil screener units are portable and self-contained, dirt sifting can be done on the job site. After screening, the sifted ”clean” dirt can be returned to the track or arena.

OMH ProScreen USA offers six different models to suit every job: the PVG 96, the PVG C96, the PVG 120, the PVG C120, the PVG 12V (which uses 12 volt deep cell batteries to power the motor) and the Screening Bucket. OMH soil screeners are also economical and easy to use and move around compared to other commercial screeners.

For more information about OMH USA screening equipment call toll free 1-877-254-7903. Fill out the OMH ProScreen, Inc. USA Contact Us Form and receive a free DVD of OMH ProScreen USA soil screening products. You can also watch videos of our different soil screener models at work on YouTube.